Cheng Yun & Caspian


You wear a satisfied grin after smelling the salted scent of the garlic bread. Even with that goofy smile you still managed to look preppy. As you help yourself to the food, I take a good look at you. Your fringe hides your high forehead, as well as the three beauty spots there. I’d always trace them when we’re watching television in your room, which somehow always makes me think you’re some sort of royalty.

Image Credit: Ministry of Health, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore. Source: (1)  (2) 

So whenever I’m with you I feel like I’m in a cheesy rom-com, cooked up by some new Taiwanese or Hong Kong production company looking to cash in on the pink dollar. Maybe it could be the complete opposite of that Wong Kar-wai film ‘Happy Together’. It’d be something less violent, something like ‘Comrades, Almost A Love Story’, where the two protagonists engage in an uneasy pas de deux, before finally falling for each other, only to be separated.

Say if I was making our film, I already know how to shoot the first scene: we’ll start with the meet-cute of a lowly admin executive and the son of a local property developer. And then we can film you and your big romantic gestures, like that time when you surprised me with eighty-eight roses at my office, with you writing on the card ‘Here’s to us, forever and ever.’ Oh, there’d be infidelities, inevitable temptations. But by the end of it all we’d end up together. Maybe. If only.

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