Cheng Yun & Caspian


You pushed back from the table, the chair scratching against the wooden floor, the table rumbled in protest too. Your chest heaved so much I was worried that you were having a heart attack. Your mouth agape, your deep set eyes seemed to sink even further into your skull. Everyone around us turned to look, the waiters stopped in their tracks, wondering if these two of their regulars were about to get into a fight. I felt the torrents rushing behind your eyes. 

You stood up and left. I followed. You always moved with such certainty, you always knew where you were going. I stopped myself from shouting your name, because I didn’t want to make a scene. The marble floors of the mall we’re in reverberated as you made your way outside.

I found you hunched over, leaning by the taxi stand. I stood behind you. I laid my trembling fingers on your shoulder. And when you took my hand I was shocked by your gentleness. You looked at me, and I knew you were feeling my pain more than you felt yours.

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