“Putri & Amanah (Final Chapter)


    I feel steep currents on my face. Just then, the fireworks erupt. We both turn to look at the explosions blossoming across the bay. You lean over the barrier by the water, taking a closer look at the yellows shimmering against the bare sky. The sounds of little thunder scatter across the bay.

    Everyone around is doing the same. But I find myself looking at you, your tangerine kebaya
    a light, loose tunic worn by women in Malaysia, Indonesia, and other SE Asian countries.
    draping against the wind. I want to peck your cheeks but I’m aware of the people around us, so I decide to hold your hand.

    You turn to look at me almost immediately, and you question my decision with your furrowing brows. You fight yourself so you can give me a smile. You’re worried, I know. You’re worried there’s no place for the both of us.

    It’s my turn to cup your cheeks. I lean in closer to you, as the fireworks continue to unravel above us. You don’t fight me. I close my eyes as our lips meet. I feel the rest of the world disappear.

    The fireworks end. The crowd dissipates, letting the pavements breathe in the evening breeze. Some shoot a glare at our intertwined hands, but I don’t care. You’re smiling, but your brows are still in a knot.

    I only want a place where we can be together. I’ll go and find it. There must be somewhere on this island where we can build our home.